Monty's new build

Hiya everyone!
New to the TekSyndicate forums. I've assembled and build my current PC myself about 6 years ago. And now it's time for a new machine.

So I've already picked-out some components, and I would like to get a second opinion. I would like to spend about 1000 euro's on the hardware. The machine will be mainly used for Gaming, Software development and some radio-broadcasting.

I usually buy my hardware at, since they've got a lot in stock, aren't expansive and it's only a 15-minute drive from where I live.

So, without further ado, here's what I've got so far; 









So.. that's about it. This build in the pricewatch gives me a total of 877 euros. So there's room for some changes. Let me know what you guys think. Also, if you have any experience with one of these components, let me know. 

Thanks in advance! ;) 

Is there a special reason for choosing an Ivy bridge CPU? With your budget I would recommend the following parts:

The case is fine if you like it.

CPU: Intel i5-4670K (You don't need an i7 for gaming)

Motherboard: MSI Z87I,_socket_1150_moederbord/html/product/1080899/?event=search 

GPU: ASUS GTX 770 DC2OC 2GD5,_grafische_kaart/html/product/1082266/?event=search

RAM: Corsair 8 GB Vengeance LP @1600Mhz,_geheugen/html/product/885866/?event=search

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 240 GB (one of the best price/performance ratio),_250_GB_SSD/html/product/1090484/?event=search

HDD: Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB,_1_TB_harde_schijf/html/product/1013040/?event=search

PSU: Corsair RM650 650 Watt,_650_Watt_voeding/html/product/1092970/?event=search

EDIT: The price of all components is 990,40€ on your chosen site. 

In your case I tried to use parts with a better qualitiy because of your budget.

If you want to save some money you can take the GTX 760, but the 770 will give you a much better experience in terms of gaming.

Also I would never buy an PSU that is not 80plus rated. It is just way more efficient so it will save you a lot of money this way. It's an indicator of quality components as well in most cases, especially the Corsair RM650 is an excellent PSU in my opinion.

I hope I could help you out.