'MonOculus Rift'? (quick question)

Hello folks!

Due to a traumatic eye injury, one eye is pretty heavily impaired. So I often just wear an eye patch while gaming, the bad eye can be a distraction.

How does this affect the VR experience? Does Oculus or other similar devices even work correctly if I kept one eye closed the whole time? Or are they completely dependent on binocular vision?

My experience with VR is limited to the VirtualBoy, And that was a very long time ago. So I dont really understand exactly how these new devices work. Apologies if it seems like a dumb question.

Thanks in advance.

I'd think that you'd lose the stereoscopic 3d for sure. You're basically looking through a lens to a screen, with one screen slightly different from another. Your brain combines these two images to get a good stereoscopic 3D image.

I haven't used an Oculus though, so this is quite theoretical.

sounds bad man - not cool with your eye ;(

i own an oculus rift dk2.
of course stereoscopic view will not work with one eye closed, so the big thing with VR (real 3D) is gone. i don't know how your eye does or doesn't work, but you might try a HMD with both your eyes. (maybe try an oculus gear VR that will be soon in stores - the optics work quite the same way)
how's your vision in real life? do you see stereoscopic?
and this might be important for you: wearing an oculus rift, your eyes focus on infinity through the lenses. i myself am very nearsighted and i have to wear my glasses inside the rift.

Thanks for the insight, I was hoping someone who owns a VR device would reply.

When you close one eye in the dk2, are you still able to navigate the virtual environments? What problems does it cause besides the real3d? Does the display look weird at all with one eye?

I know that I really need to just try it, but I dont have that opportunity at this time and I am very curious; so I thought I might discuss it here.

my brother is blind in one eye so I have been looking into (no pun intended) a form of 3d which can work for him

it sucks when we have stuff like 3ds's and 3d glasses but none of that stuff will work for him, he is always being left out of these (sometimes cool experiences).

If you find anything that looks promising please let me know.

Sorry for not particularly contributing to the discussion but the topic reminded me of when leela (futurama) watches a 3D film on bot planet.

3D will never work with one eye. The closest you can get is a wider field of view with something like the oculus but nothing will actually pop out of the screen so to speak. It will still be better than a screen but without 2 eyes, you ill never see in 3D.