Ok so currently i have a ASUS VE258Q 25" 2ms LED Backlight Widescreen LCD Monitor 50,000,000:1, and it has a pretty good sized bezzle on the side, I am looking for a good monitor like the one i have just with less bezzle and around the same size. im running on a GTX680 so i want to do three monitors but only play on the middle and have other tasks running to the sides, what monitors do you recommend?  


What is your budget?

I would go with a Samsung SA950, if you can. Make use of Nvidia 3D.

If the monitors are for simple tasks, you're not losing much by sacrificing the quality of the panel. You could choose any monitor you please, in that case. The ASUS MX239H has a next-to-no bezzle, but it retails around 200 here in the UK. You should probably post your budget amount for these additional monitors

i need to spend max of $700 for 3 new monitors.


Samsung SA950 >>>>>>>>>>> ASUS MX239H

If you already have an ASUS VE258Q: Why not go for 2x VE248H monitors? It is the same series of monitor and only 1" smaller. Same response times et cetera. Should be well within your budget. Unless you insist on 3 completely new monitors?

Or just 2 additional VE25's ...
Edit: Fortunately for you, the fore mentioned monitor (MX239H) is on newegg (we don't use that site in the UK) for $229. That is within budget for 3 new monitors, and they have almost no bezzle.
[br]Had to edit more. Wrong price given. Sorry. Hope it clears everything up 

I dont mind going a inch or so smaller but i NEED all to have the same otherwise it will bug the living s*** out of me.

If you got two more VE25s, you could debezel all 3, and grab a triple monitor mount (or 3x single monitor mounts). It would be amazing. However, if you want to go IPS, the MX239Hs are fantastic.

that doesn't sound too bad, and sorry still skeptical on IPS panels. 

I didn't realise you were anti-IPS. I do hear a lot of complaints about backlight bleed. Understandably off-putting. But, I find them preferable. I can't think of another monitor off the top of my head.

IPS is far superior, but is generally limited in hZ (visible FPS, essentially.) They lookso much better, though. Once you go IPS, you never go back.

Ok so new quest, im going to keep the one i have and buy two more VE25s, What mount should i get? im terrified of mounting them to my wall and dont like clip ones so the only option is table top... suggestions? 

Do you want one, big triple monitor stand, which will have lower mobility/positions, or 3 individual monitor mounts, which is the "best" setup for the moving of the monitors, positioning, etc.?

You can get mounts that clamp to your table but... I'd trust a wall mount with some good screws + gromets over a desk clamp... I have walled mounted monitors before, complete with an adjustable swing arm. I found it to be very strong and I could move the monitor out the way of any potential damage. I like to flail my arms, just a habit I suppose.

Or, best of both worlds:

we have a winner, perfect for what i was wanting!