Monitors on iGPU/Mainboard gaming on dGPU?

Hi there (:

due to a VFIO setup i have all my Monitors connected to my mainboard.
Therefor i want the display out on the iGPU ( 7800X3D ) but get it rendered at the dGPU ( sadly a 4080 ).

when i search the internet i only find links to optimus/prime/reverseprime which all look to be laptop related features depending on special hardware :frowning:

so my question to you the great hive mind of linux community:
is there a way to game on the dGPU whith display out to the iGPU?

with kind regards

It works without any special configuration on my zen 4 cpu and a 3060 with fedora. I installed the drivers from rpmfusion. It should work on any up to date distro, maybe sone config required.

I think it does use prime though. Most laptops nowadays don’t have any special hardware (mux) either and do render offloading with all outputs on the iGPU too.

that sounds amazing.
i am currently still on manjaro and shy of the switch to fedora. (due to the time investment etc)
But if it actually works well it will solve a lot of my current problems (:

Um, which drivers from rpmfusion? Do you mean the proprietary nvidia drivers that have been packaged for Fedora? As far as I know, they will not allow render offloading unless the PC (i.e., a laptop) supports Optimus.

The only other Linux solution I’m aware of is Looking Glass, or plugging your monitor right into the Nvidia GPU.

i hope not :confused: that would make things really difficult :frowning:
i bought a second ssd where i want to install nobara while i have my old one as daily driver.
When it arrives ill post updates (&hopfully progression) here :slight_smile:

So, do you want to run games on linux on the dGPU, or a VM?

In the first case it would work using prime and the nvidia drivers. In the second case gou do need looking glass. it it shouldn’t be all that bad to set up, there’s quite a few guides out there.

the first (:
Lookingglass VFIO is already running great (except for EAC games - which is why i now want to add linux gaming on dGPU)

Do you know if prime works with 7800X3D ? and is there a Primeequivalent for Radeon?

It works with no issues (except in some cases Vsync issues) here with a 7950X. The iGPU should be identical to the 7800X3D.

> $ switcherooctl 
> Device: 0
>   Name:        Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD®/ATI] Raphael
>   Default:     yes
>   Environment: DRI_PRIME=pci-0000_6c_00_0
> Device: 1
>   Name:        NVIDIA Corporation GA106 [GeForce RTX 3060 Lite Hash Rate]
>   Default:     no

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