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Monitors - Dead Pixel - Swap or get something else?

My BenQ EX2780Q got a dead pixel all of a sudden today. And yeah yeah yeah, I know. Dead pixel policy varies. But this one is BAAD. I sent a scan of my receipt, off-screen photo and screenshot of the issue to BenQ earlier and i’m just waiting on their response. This isn’t merely a black dot, it’s got an ugly, wide shadow on either end. It’s pretty bad… So I think the defect policy is irrelevant here. It’s really bad. I just don’t understand how this happens out of the blue.

Anyway. Should I use this opportunity to just get something else? Or should I simply swap out the unit for a new one? If some people here know me by now on the forums; moreso IRL, they’ll know i’ve got an exorbitant amount of patience. But for things that aren’t built properly… Z - E - R - O. I might just go with whichever display maker has a reputation for quality.

:thinking: That being said, people told me left, right and centre that it would in fact be BenQ. Along with having a more understated, mature look to their products, they practice really good quality control? I heard people jokingly say ASUS hit their displays with a rubber mallet before shipping them off, poking fun at their defect tolerances. So it’s part of the reason why I stayed away from ASUS. And now this happens…

FML… :unamused:

How old is the display?

Your best bet is to wait for BenQ to reply at this point in time. If they offer to fix or replace it under warranty or otherwise free I’d go that route since it would be the cheapest.

Could be any number of things. Even a 1 in 10000 chance of getting a faulty product means that it’s possible for a faulty product.

That sounds like a faulty backlight rather than a dead pixel.

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If BenQ will not honour warranty for a defect in the display I’d evaluate how much would cost to buy just the LCD and install it yourself.

Ok… Odd. To say the least. I hover the mouse cursor over the “dead pixel” and it covers it. I restart my system, and it’s gone.

I’ve had autocomplete for searches of “fake dead pixel virus”. Interesting. My PC didn’t come up with anything. This was really weird.