Monitor Upgrade Conundrum

I am trying to figure out the best way to upgrade my current monitor setup. I currently run dual 24in Dell Ultrasharp’s along with dual 34in Dell Ultrasharp’s.

What I am trying to do is upgrade to 2 monitors/tv’s that are 4k, HDR 800+ capable ideally that are 45in+ in size, to increase the overall amount of screen real estate while simplifying my life and bringing me up to current gen spec.

The problem I am running into is I can’t find anything that conclusively fits those requirements.

The reason for dual monitors/tv is I would prefer to not have to use a software multi display system that in theory could cause compatibility issues.

Nothing like that exists yet.

There are no tv’s even that would meet those the requirements?

The best fit for those specs would probably be something classified by Nvidia as a “BFGD” - Big (Format) Gaming Display. Here’s an example, but there are a few others from some of the big display vendors.

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@Ghan good to know thank you for the info!

I stand corrected. I know that there are Digital Signage displays that have some of what OP was looking for but usually high refresh rate and low latency are not part of that ordeal. HD is usually non existent as well.

Is this an nVidia only type solution? The price would suggest so, but if it is a dumb TV (minus the built in nVidia shield) then the price cannot be subsidized by selling your information.

@Mastic_Warrior, basically there are a couple tv’s right now that are like this. For whatever reason the companies are just working with nVidia possibly to keep r&d costs down. But most of these are so large that I am back into a software subdivide issue and from what I’ve seen all the software out there can’t keep a game in full screen to a logical screen.

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