Monitor troubles

Well, I am getting really frustrated with my monitor research! It is so hard to find a good way to sift through all the monitors available on the market.

So far, I have found this monitor. Will this work as both a gaming monitor and a regular use monitor?:

My brother has this monitor (which I love, but I can't play most games on it because of the aspect ration):

And.... Is this one any good?

I have seen a lot of Dell monitors that look awesome... but they are so expensive!

I need:

A monitor that costs less than $250

A monitor that is good for both gaming and for school work

A monitor that has great color, and has at least a 1080p resolution 

A monitor that does not have very large bezels

Well, by now, you can see why i need help........ any suggestions? what do you think about the three moniters I provided links to (pros and cons)




I see LG are still doing their fraudulent no-bezel scheme. The product pictures on the page for that 23" monitor is not representative of how it displays pictures. In reality there's a bezel of about 1cm thickness around the picture. The first time I saw them doing the same thing was last winter, and i really did not expect them to keep at it. I see there are some youtube videos up on that monitor and it shows even if the unboxers don't seem to notice...   (-_-)


Now I'mgonna recommend to consider a screen that I fully expect most to be sceptical towards, the BenQ GW2760HS. It's a 27" 1080p A-MVA panel monitor. I'll just throw down some +'s and -'s.

+ Flicker free backlight! Truly flicker free non-PWM backlight which I didn't expect would do much of a difference but the image puts less strain on my eyes/brain than other monitors, especially at low brightness settings in a low light room.

+ Contrast and colors are the best I've seen in what is still a regular consumer screen, in that they are not only quite good but also surprisingly uniform. Could be down to sample variance, but apart from a slim string of backlight bleed near the very edges of the display there is litteraly no visible clouding or patches of bleed.

+ Fairly slim bezel (11mm left/right).

+/- Fast enough for shooter games which is not a given with VA panels, but still not quite as fast as 1080p IPS panels. (I disregard TN panels for every use) I wouldn't recommend it to players of CounterStrike or die-hard Quakers, but a couple of hundred hours in Battlefield 4 has been sweet. Tests have shown that at least the screen is pretty much free from "input lag", and I'm running it slightly overclocked at 72Hz. The panel is fast enough to make it worthwhile to do so even if it's just a 20% increase from 60.

+/- This monitor uses a bit of a special type of VA panel. What they have done is worked to minimise a VA specific side effect called Gamma shift, which affects viewing angles and on overall makes VA panel viewing angles lag significantly behind most IPS, even if they're still better than TN. The technology used here gets it closer to IPS throug minimising that shift, enough to make me forget about the effect that bothered me on an older monitor. It's the kind of thing you might not notice until you do, but then you can't unsee it. The downside if any is a slightly lower native contrast ratio compared to other VA panels, though still superior to IPS.

- The stand/foot that comes with the monitor is the regular el-cheapo. It works but I ended up using the VESA mount instead.

- For 1080p, 27" could easily feel a bit big. I got used to it quickly and the monitor seems to have dropped a bit in price since I bought it, making it altogether less of a negative. But the size of the pixels makes it not for everyone.

- Glossy finish. I don't understand why many manufacturers still put this "bling" on a monitor, when what you want to see is the screen itself. I ended up matting mine a little by very carefully rubbing a bit of fine steel wool over the bezel. The back of the monitor is soothing matte...

I'm expecting BenQ to hop on to the FreeSync train so I'm waiting for that, but if they don't then I might just get me a second one of these. I already have a second monitor I could use, but this non-flicker bug has bitten me hard.