Monitor Suggestions?

Hi Everyone!


So i have decided i want to get off this crappy tv i use at the moment and get on to a nice new display.


I have been trying to do some research and find recommendations but most of it seems outdated..


I am looking for a 120/144hz display.. around 1ms gtg.. low input lag.. you know the drill, just a generally decent gaming monitor!


I don't fancy absolutely throwing money away for one, so keep it around the VG248QE price range if possible!


Also bare in mind i am in the UK so newegg isn't an option unfortunately :(


Incase you were interested about my pc specs -


MSI970 Gaming Mobo

Sapphire Dual-X R9 280

8GB Ripjaws X @1600MHz


Any Personal recommendations or even just pointing me in the direction of a generally recommended monitor will be greatly appreciated!


Many Thanks 


- Woe Is Matt

You basically already answered your own question. You mentioned the VG248QE, why not get that one?

My friend has one and personally recommended it to me. I got it on sale on black friday for $220. It's a hell of a monitor. You already know about it. I don't need to tell you.

Thanks for the reply buddy!


That's true, that was the one I was looking at, however a couple of people have told me that the BenQ alternatives are better :S

I can't attest to BenQ being better, however I can tell you of my experience coming form a 60Hz monitor.

Gameplay is butter smooth!!!!!! There is no longer any stuttering or any screen tearing in most of my games. Those that do, it's usually because the handling of the refresh rate is not optimized, since the FPS does not go above 144FPS, so the refresh rate and FPS are not out of sync, it's the game's fault, not the monitor's.

With a bit of calibration, VG248QE's color reproduction is actually pretty good, just 95% as good as my IPS TV which had great and vibrant colors. Since the it's a TN panel, you sacrifice viewing angles, but in all honesty, we all generally sit in front of our screens so it's not a big deal, and the angles are sufficiently good enough for what we do.

Sincerely speaking, it's a great panel that's well worth it. Fluid gameplay, fast response times, and great color reproduction after calibration. Unless BenQ is dramatically better or cheaper with similar performance, go for that. Otherwise, I highly recommend the VG248QE.

I'm planning to pick up a benq xl2411z in the near future. It's newer than the Asus and I believe is generally better, although it's also typically more expensive. 

Thanks for the reply, very informative and i am glad to hear the colour reproduction isn't as dramatically bad as i have heard before!

Only other monitor i am looking at is an AOC but it's not as strong a brand as asus so i don't know about that:/

I use a 27-inch Asus. 

Its GREAT, and the extra display area is fab.


There are no 4k OLED options for me just now...

Sure man, happy to help. Hope come up with a great decision and a great deal on it too.