Monitor(s) what to go with?

I know some brands seem to hold value over others as well as some specs more so important etc.

Not sure if I want to go with 3x1080 (that way I can start with one or 2 cheap now) or 1x1440 Part of the pain with this is not many stores to compare between models where I live suppose I can swing by bestbuy/walmart for size and maybe a lil more like pixel density but no one around here even has a 4k on display. Anyhow here are a few I was looking at leaning towards the LG. Would prefer to purchase from Amazon (due to credit)yet can from elsewhere. FX-8350, MSI 7970 Lightning...

Budget roughly: 600 prefer lower.

Refresh Prefer: 120

like the: IPS and small Bezel (not necessary I guess)

I know little about what games support eyefinity but I kind of wanted to try it / multi-tasking bonuses.

Do you play FPS games primarily? Are you a good player? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you might wanna go 120Hz. You'll have a hard time finding a 120Hz IPS panel. Honestly I would prefer a single 1440p IPS display and a secondary 1080p 120Hz TN Panel. If I had the system to push either...

1440p IPS for casual gaming, 120Hz 1080p for my serious FPS games. I think single high-res gaming is the future, not 3 monitors.

FPS primarily yes. Good player well I haven't played many fps on pc so N/A (and I know console vs pc are worlds apart). Okay based off of this I think I may end up grabbing a 1080 around 24-27" to start. BTW not that it was mentioned here but I have no real need for 3D as I already wear glasses  and it becomes a hassle I have a 3D television though which standard viewing is beautiful crisp vivid etc. I dunno if that has anything to do with the 3d tech but kind of doubt it.

Get a 23-24 1080 if you are gaming.
That's what Rust In Peace has me leaning towards. It's 250 at walmart and I can get a 10% discount so $225 + Tax, thoughts?  Will probably order soon. Oh and thanks for the heads up on the specs and all I looked into them more and it goes into mods and everything else I don't want to deal with. Double thanks on being prompt.