Monitor Mount Recommendations for Cramped Space

Trying to figure out a way to squeeze in a second monitor into a cramped space. At the moment I am thinking of a sliding mount that can pivot outward if those exists to the right of the current monitor

See below for the space in question.

Need a lil’ more information than that [Display sizing, opening sizing, etc]. Is that platform fixed?

Sticking with the current space, I’d suggest looking at using a dual monitor arm and have both displays mounted in portrait mode (rotated 90 degrees from normal). This would give you the most screen real estate in your small area.

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To answer your questions:

  1. The middle platform the current monitor sits on is not fixed. The head phone holder and document holder are only attached by 3M adhesive strips.

  2. That cubby area is just shy of 35 inches inside wall to inside wall. (horizontal) and a little over 27 inches inside wall vertical.

  3. I would like to get another matching display. That is a MSI Optix MAG24 C monitor 24 inch curved display.

  4. Preferably I would like to keep one monitor dead center and just have the side monitor in my side view.

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