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Monitor Issues and Prepping to Switch Between Distro

Hi All,

I finally made the move to Linux on my desktop. I’d demoed a lot of distributions before, but nothing is really sticking. I’ve decided on Kubuntu with KDE and love it for the most part…

Except I have a 32" 4k main display and a 1080p secondary rotated (I like to code and read and watch movies at the same time - accomplish nothing, love everything kinda guy).

Display scaling and framerate issues!
I had to switch the desktop render to opengl 3.1 and manually alter the nvidia config in terminal to keep the 4k monitor from tearing. It was hurting my eyes. Since I couldn’t set scaling on each monitor independently, I manually changed font sizes and title bar widths so it looks good across both monitors. It’s ok. I am getting huge dips in framerate, though (have a dedicated gtx 1030 - no gaming, just vs code a bunch of browser windows, maybe some vlc and a few terminals, valentino…some custom sidebar with per stats. It’s sick).

SO. I am thinking of switching between distros. I loved Fedora last time I used it. How do people handle going between with the least headache?

**NOTE: I’m reading that some 1030’s can’t handle 4k 60 in some situations. I’m not seeing it go above 60% usage (still high, so it’d doing something), even when it’s only putting out 20fps. Maybe I should look for a more powerful card.

Just one tip from me: put your /home directory on its own partition.


If I get another drive, can I set my home directory to a folder on that? I kind of remember doing that when creating a new user. I don’t mind making a sudo user and adding my daily driver with sudo privileges and the custom home if possible.

Oh sure. If you have a whole hard drive for it you can put /home on its own drive.

The /etc/fstab file controls what mounts where.