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Monitor Hunting - 1440p 144hz, any better options?

So im looking around for a new 1440p 144hz monitor with really good GtG and response timings and I wish I could get one of those LG monitors that are highly recommended but they seem to be sold out and I don’t know when or if they will be restocked.
Ive been looking around and I’ve seen a lot of good reviews with this BenQ EX2780Q monitor (which is on sale for $200 CAD off in a local shop near me) but I really don’t like the bronze color to it.

Should I just get this or is there any other monitor you guys know of that has better response and GTG times at 144hz and 60hz?

Some of us were discussing this monitor in the Lounge yesterday:

It seems to check every box one could ever want, but ETA is Q1 2021 :frowning:

I own an Acer VG271U. My unit is great, colors look good and it’s smooth as butter. But apparently quite a few other people’s have horrendous screen flickering.

The LG 27GL850 is apparently fantastic, but expensive and hard to get, presumably more so in Canuckistan.

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Being in canada all the prices hurt, That monitor looks really interesting and I wonder if its using a new LG panel or the ones from the popular models that are already out, also they say to reserve as the price will go up… so you get it cheaper if you back it? Sounds kind of risky if they bork something up.

EDIT: looking more up about Eve it seems theyve had a shady past and they have altered information on their page a few times on what the final product will be, I think ill pass on it.

It is an LG panel. They have altered the design a few times but its been for the better each time IIRC.

Apparently uses the same panel as the LG 27GL850.

But yeah, $400 for basically a Kickstarter is less than thrilling.

Seeing they didn’t fulfill the promise of another product in the past has me worried, I feel like we’re sort of left with slim pickings for good 1440p 144hz monitors. LG left a lot to be desired in their wake and a lot of monitors have bad ghosting or GTG timings or color production.

The LG 27GL850 is using a new LG panel they started production on in Q2 2019. It seems like a very nice monitor but its outside my budget for sure. Im also shopping around at the moment but I might just have to wait for the market to bounce back a little.


I was looking at that vs its cheaper version (27GL83-A) and it seems that the 850 has fancier HDR and some sort of different filter for the LEDs, I heard lots of people cant tell the difference so the 83-A is what im leaning towards; but I wish there was another option.