Monitor/Graphics card help!

I recently got my computer back from my Dad after two weeks. It had a lot of dust in it but my canned air was no where to be found. So I set everything up and turned it on, first of I was treated to inconsistent speeds from my graphics cards fan, as if it was turning off and on really quickly. Next there was no picture on my monitor. So I took out my graphics card and tried the integrated graphics and I still got nothing from the monitor. I tried a different monitor, still didn't work. I bought some canned air cleaned everything really thoroughly and I still get no picture and my graphics card still makes the noise.Â

So what else can I try, I'm just really hoping it isn't my motherboard. Â

Phenom II X4 920
HIS 4870
Foxconn 790gx
Seagate 160gb HDD
Corsair Dominator DDR2 (2x2gb)
Corsair 650 Watt PSU
Artic cooler 64

Video of My Graphics Card Fan

C'mon, anyone?

Push cmos button ( pull battery and reinstall it ) see if it boots ?