Monitor For Productivity

I have two 13 year old lcd screens so an upgrade is just asking itself but im in a interesting point as i can buy a good 27 inch or a ultrawide monitor but would really prefer 2 monitors as i find that my productivity is at its max with 2 monitors.
So my issue is my budget. I would like to spend somewhat £200 more or less on two panel that are 1080p. So would you recommend.
Two of these panel

I cant find any reviews about this panel. Is it a legit panel.

Im also considering

Any of you got any suggestions. The bezel does not have to be the thinnest but would be appreciated and hdmi. I do alot of image create and programming but im just thrown so much monitors in my face that its hard for me to choose. Its very critical for me to be an ips panel as well. I know im everywhere and cant decide right now.
I have to mention that the Philips are only £90 per monitor so i would spend less than £200 which i think is a pretty good deal but i cant find any warranty info etc.
It seems too true to be real for me

I'd grab two of these: LG makes some killer panels and the ips panels in these specifically are great. I know these and other LG panels are community favorites.

Two of these would be great. 1200p, so a bit more screen real estate than 1080p. They go for more than £200 each new. But it is eBay, so you'd be taking a bit of a risk with quality assurance. You'd also have to buy your own power cable...

People always say that about ebay.. Half price for a second hand monitor with potentially a few marks on the plastic, not sure what second hand monitors go for normally, but that might be a decent price. If you get it and its not as described you can get your money back anyway.