Monitor for New PC Build

So, I was looking around for a monitor for my new PC build, and I am having some problems. I barely know anything about the difference between monitors (Pros, and Cons, Specs, etc...) 

Here are links to the monitors I have looked at seriously so far. Which one is the best? (If you could, list Pros and Cons of each, or suggest another monitor) I am looking in the $150-$300 price range. I want to get a great monitor for my new PC build. My PC Build is:




For that price range you can get 108p, 1440p gets around $400. This is what I am going to get.

I've been recommending this guy lately...

good mix of quality, 2ms response, 60hz (which is all you need)... 

you could go 1440p, especially with that GPU... but you have to expand the budget... just don't get some POS korean knockoff with 15 dead pixels...

What is the difference between the 2460 and the 2455?

I have been looking at the 2455 recently. It boasts a 1 ms response time compared to the 2 ms response time of the 2460. What is the benefit of the 2460? Thanks!

namely... it's $35 cheaper... and you won't notice a bit of difference between 1ms and 2 ms response time... the 2455 has an extra HDMI port if you need it? dunno why you would?

I don't need the extra HDMI :)

How are the colors and brightness?

bright and colorful :P

Sweet! I will add the 2460 to my build :)