Monitor for development (coding/CAD)

I am looking into monitors upgrade. Currently, I have two 1920 x 1080 monitors. Most of the things I do is coding and designing (simple CAD stuff) - no graphical work. I rarely game - and when I do, it is 60 FPS.
I am getting more and more workflow and switching between windows or even workspaces is slowing me down and getting in my way. I just need more visible space for multiple windows (file managers, some CAD windows, terminals, multiple PDFs and browsers). I have tried at my friend’s workdesk the setup of 2 x 49’’ 5K monitors (top and bottom placement with arms stand) and it feels great for me.
So, I want to upgrade, but not want to spend $1-2k per monitor. I do not need high refresh rate, high FPS, G-sync and other technologies, good color calibration and all the fireworks. I just need large workspace for mostly static content. The most budgetary way - I am also open to buying cheap Korean monitors.
Do you have any suggestions?

Dont know what to recommend since i believe that over two monitors is bit too much real estate as it is but i dont work on large cad designs but just basic architecture stuff and interior.
just buy a samsung or LG tv it will do the trick as along as the its not placed too close to .
if its close to you then buy 4k tv .

I can’t recommend a specific monitor, haven’t kept an eye on market for a bit. However, I have heard several times that CAD on curved monitors can be a bit of a pain. Haven’t tried it myself, it does somehow make sense.

Hmmm. My suggestion for your sitch is one or 2 of those korean 40inch 4k monitors. They’re cheap, notbhalf bad, some have freesync, and you mill never not have space to work in.

Thank you guys.

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