Monitor buying advice

So i have this older 20 inch dell ultrasharp 2001fp monitor(1600x1200) i bought used for $50 about two years ago and have been using as my main computer monitor for a while now, but i think its time to upgrade. I currently have it as a dual monitor setup with my recently purchased 24 inch Asus VS248H-P(1900x1080) that i use with my ps4 and im diggin the dual setup instead of using one monitor. Also I connected the asus to my computer once to see how the image quality will look like and i was dissapointed. Image and videos looked better on the older dell 2001fp monitor for some reason. Like images would look low quality and videos as well. Not sure what the deal is with that, but ive been eyeing the dell ultrasharp 23 inch u2312hm  monitor to use with my computer. Looking for something that i will be using for regular daily use.Web,watching videos, and maybe some photoshopping. So what monitor do you guys recommend for under $250 . 

I have two Dell U2312HM and I absolutely recommend them for under $250.

My only issue with them is ugly overdrive, but it's possible to disable it in factory menu.

They are a little bit slow for gaming, like any other IPS monitor, but lag is not in any way serious here, as it's still way below one frame period.

Nice thanks for your input

If you can shell out $50 more, get on of these bad boys! :

A 1440p screen straight from Korea.  PLS panel so the image will look really good!  And all 'dem extra pixels though!  Overclockable in some cases.  A pretty cool screen to have.  A bit slow for gaming though. 

If you want the fastest and most fluid experience possible, This is a good monitor to have:

144HZ, 1 ms response time.  The ultimate gamers monitor. 

If you want to sacrafice a bit of fluidity for some image quality.  This monitor is a good buy too .  



dont need a 1ms asus gaming monitor since i already have one im looking to get a monitor with better color, quality, and viewing angles to replace my old dell ultrasharp

+1 to the x-star dp2710, it's a killer panel. I own one and love it to bits.