Molex too Sata Power adapter [Need quick answer]

I bought a SSD and installed it on my case, only to find out that when i try and plug in my Sata power they are all 90 degrees, and they need to be flat to fit in the SSD.


Can I use a molex to Sata adapter, or will this give unstable power or not work in some other way? I'm watching this so if i was unclear just ask ahead


Yes, you can. 


 If you still have reservations about using power from a molex you could use something like this.

If you order some get a few. They are really handy and cheap. It is always nice to have some laying around. Good luck!

But isnt this the same thing? This goes from Molex to sata

Norwegian site. Can I use this?

Yep that looks good to me.

Ok, Im getting it now then :)