Modular Mobile and Desktop

     I put these on the same post because they're related but anyways HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AMAZINGNESS?! Razer and "PhoneBloks" are creating modular cell phones and desktops (respectively). I'm going to try to summarize these articles regardless of how bad my AP teacher says I am at it.


     The first article is from Phonebloks themselves.  What their idea is, is to have many companies building modules for this phone then anyone can go to the store or whatnot, buy the modules they want, plug them in and go. If you crack your screen, pop it off and put on another. If your processor is getting slow, replace it with a newer faster one with ease.

     Right now it isn't on selfs. It's in the gaining momentum stage. They're reaching out to companies to build the module, raising awareness (appropriate wording?) for the phone, and trying to raise enough money to build a prototype. It's worth it to click the link and go check it out.


     The other link is to Razer's new modular computer project/idea. They're building a case that is all the wiring for you. All you do is plug in your parts to the chassis. It might take a bit of fun out of the build but it will make it really easy to build them now.

     Hope this was enjoyable to you.

Phonebloks isn't the only upcoming modular phone, check out this:

ZTE are into this idea too! I really do hope this takes off.

I like the idea of a modular phone, but something tells me that the carriers will fight this tooth and nail.  Handset upgrades tied to a new contract are likely their biggest monetary driver at this point.  If you can upgrade/repair your current phone rather than replacing it, then there's little to coerce you into signing up for a new contract.

Completely agree.

I can see these being far more popular as sim-free phones, because most businesses will do just about anything to pocket your hard-earned cash.

I wonder how long it'll be before we see these on the market. I just hope that Motorola doesn't do to this what they did with the Moto X (US only).