Modifying radio hearing-protectors with either DAB or BlueTooth

So, I have a set of hearing protectors at work with FM radio, since the FM radio band is being phased out in Norway it gets pretty terrible reception, and let's be honest most of the FM radio stations play pretty crappy music too. I've been considering modifying them with a bluetooth or DAB radio thingy, but I'm unsure if either option is really viable. Has anyone done something like this before and have some pointers?

I'm almost entirely sure that the BT option is the most viable route, and it'd allow me to use my phone either as a media player or a radio-receiver, I'd have to get a BT module without any phonecall integration though.

Anyway, tips for parts etc are much appreciated.

Note that I haven't really opened the hearing protectors up yet, so I'm unsure exactly how they're wired up inside, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out pretty easily once I'm in there. I assume either thing would have to go between the antennae and the input in either case.