Modifying Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2?

I am considering attempting to modify my case to have 5.25 bays in the front panel instead of the mesh fan grill. Any thoughts? I want to turn it into a “proper” hotswap server chassis on the cheap. Been eyeing the Athena Power and Icy Dock 5.25 to 3.5 bays.
I am also considering just ditching the case for a Node 804. But again the Node 804 would not give me easy and quick access to my ZFS array should I need to replace a drive.

If the mod is possible, can someone link me to some 5.25 enclosure/bay modules or something?

Can’t help you with the mod, but I have a pair of Chieftec CMR-3141SAS drive cages for my file server: 4x 3.5" SATA, fan+rudimentary controls (switch), 2x Molex for power and some indicator leds. Other brands and models available :stuck_out_tongue: