Modern Warfare 2 and VAC

Hello folks. I'm not sure how many of you know/care, or how many of you even play Modern Warfare 2 over Steam. However, I feel it is important to bring up that fact that if you play Modern Warfare 2 over Steam right now you have a chance to be randomly banned by Valve's VAC. There's a code issue within Modern Warfare 2 that is causing VAC to detect malicious software on your computer. Myself and many others have already been unjustly banned, losing our $60 we invested in the game, and now our profiles are tainted with a ban. If you would like to help out to getting Valve's attention you can visit this thread and follow the instructions there.:

lol. Shit game.
Can't believe I played it for three months...
Whenever I try it out, I always end up with cheaters or the server system not working. g fucking g

Amen, seriously regretting trying to play it. The most fucked up part was I was only on for like an hour, I was trying out the bare bones playlists that they put in, and the next day I found out I was banned.

well we are talking about a game where there is more cheating going on on the console versions then the steam version the game is completely broken thanks to the iwnet and infinity ward's lack of care to fix the damn thing

Yeah lol, theyve already peaked users, so they dont fucking bother fixing it aslong as they have their money.

On another note tho.. if they were to fix it, they must make a new game, lol

:D I'm happy to post that Valve has unbanned everyone who was unjustly banned from the MW2/VAC incident, and they received a free copy of L4D2 for their troubles. I'm not sure if the issue can still happen and you can get banned again. But, it's nice to see you always get the best from Valve ^_^