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Modern gpu compatibility on legacy w/s mainboard

hello everyone,
advances in gpus and software support have made it possible to substantially upgrade an old workstation by adding a modern gpu (for gpu bound tasks)
but sometimes modern gpus do not work with older motherboards
many think that this is because they lack UEFI but some non UEFI motherboards seem to have no problem
is there a way to confirm whether a modern gpu is going to work in an old legacy bios workstation motherboard? where does the incompatibility lie?
i understand that this looks like a question of limited interest but i believe that there are many users with old systems, interested in this
and L1T is the only place where you can find people familiar with both sides of the equation (h/w & s/w development) to answer this

im counting on you:slightly_smiling_face:, thank you for your time

From all of the instances I remember seeing, it is always a OEM machine, like a HP, Dell, etc that is incompatible with newer GPUs. So basically their locked down bios is breaking compatibility. Also, for the consumer level OEM machines, the PCIe slots sometimes do not deliver enough power to run a higher wattage card.

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although i am well aware of the power delivery and bios limitations of oem systems i had not noticed that most of the reports for gpu incompatibility are indeed coming from such oem system users
i visited several manufacturers’ communities and some semi-official responses confirm that the issue is not a requirement for UEFI
so i guess that there should not be any problem with my old workstation and a modern gpu (everything else is ok ofc, power/pci-e lanes/monitor)
thank you