Modern animation sucks

Why is it that cel animation has that look?



That era snapback in your mind at your grandma’s house watching ed edd n eddy and having oreo o’s before your sister got up and yelled at you for eating her cereal.

Look at this shit dude like rly

Old vs new

I call this the family guy effect. Family guy has this smooth animation that I can really only compare to like… Flash. Not every show would look better in cel, but every show that was done in cel before now looks awful in comparison.

I understand that the mediums have changed since I was a kid, but is it that hard to just put a texture layer on animaniacs so it’s not so disgustingly flat? It’s like fucking numix dark the cartoon. I know for a fact blender has shit in it’s scratch book functionality to properly imitate the texture of plain ass layer paper.

Bleh. I’m old.




I suspect it’s because old animation has every frame drawn by hand, there’s a lot of small details and human touches that you don’t really notice but it gives it that sense of quality that is missing from modern animation.


guessing money…

fewer people, more junior people, a lot of abusing of “automplete” feature in software they are using…

it looks cheap because it probably IS cheap…


If you haven’t seen The Thief And The Cobbler you should check it out. They tried to hand draw a feature length film at 24 frames per second. It took decades and went massively over budget but it looks amazing.


I don’t know. Maybe modern animation is less irreverent compared to the one from the 90s and early 2000s, but that’s about it I think.

The techniques change and it’s surely much easier to animate cartoons now using tech, but that’s not inherently bad.
You wouldn’t say that because we’re not recording on tape anymore and printing as many vinyls music got worse. Times changes and so do styles and techniques.

To me that’s one of the funniest cartoon ever made. And there aren’t many anymore that can be that innocent but just as funny.

That hyper-polished / simple-abstract presentation, has bulk of [newer] shows basically looking, if they came out of same studio.

this looks awesome, gives me Ralp Bakshi vibes…

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Yeah I can see that. It’s pretty wild but they ran out of money and never finished it. There’s a version which has all the storyboards and whatever footage they had edited in to try and complete it .


From doing graphic design there are plenty of ways to make an animation’s “auto-complete” look less flat, if The Simpsons can manage to keep some level of “shadowing” texture other studios could do the same. The trick is to draw every 10 or so frames and then adjust the auto-complete frames shadowing.
Having said that, never majored in a graphic design but did some game specific animation a few times and it was extremely time consuming.

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Dude that looks crazy

Animation in the original Animaniacs was definitely superior in my opinion. Here is Nurse before and after.

90’s version:

2020’s version:


Uh huhhhh

You can blame Toon Boom for most of modern (2015 and onward) animation’s keyframe based animation:

(Yes that is a MLP fan animator transitioning from Flash to Toon Boom)

Well are you going to tell us the bottom one looks better? Didn’t think so :smirk:

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So not due to technology but due to technique?
There are some still making awesome animations today :slight_smile:

Effort looks good

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More an editing masterpiece than an animation masherpiece, imo.

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