Model M Parts

Hello, Ive acquired four full size model M's, all missing their space bars. with space bars, i can probably put together 3 complete units. So, does anyone want to sell me some space bars? Or trade parts for parts?

They are out of stock, but I'd keep checking.

If you are ordering them from Ebay, be sure that the seller is willing to communicate to you promptly. When I wanted to ask the seller to cancel my order cause my shipping details are wrong (I have 2; drop address and my actual one, the latter I wanted to be the postal address) he was too slow to respond back. He kept telling me to pay whenever I am ready but I want him to cancel the order so that I can select the right address. He just never listens, so I ended up buying the caps from Clicky Keyboards, anyway. You may end up paying more there but rest assured you will have good communication between you and them.

I do not think Unicomp sells many keycaps/stems including spacebars but they do sell coloured ones for the modifier keys. Other than that they also sell other parts like an internal PS/2 cable which I ordered from them.

Doesn't Unicomp sell Model M spacebars? Their caps are good quality, but their printing sucks.

Take my last comment back, they do, thanks to their new site which makes the navigation more clearer.

Thanks, looks like they have the parts I need.