Modding a Desktop PSU. Need Smart People's Help

@Dje4321 I THOUGHT ABOUT DOING THAT!!! I really did, but I didn't have one at hand, and I didn't want to wait like a month for it to come from ebay. I ended up just ruining a power supply to test this out, which I don't mind.

When I get another power supply (one that is actually reliable), I will purchase one of these cables so I won't ruin the PSU.

try to find one that is as short as possible to prevent side effects of a longer connector. if you dont want ebay, you can find them on amazon for slightly more. thats one thing i like about dell. standard parts. some of the hp desktops has a laptop style powerbrick that plugs into the back

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I had exactly the same problem. HP Z400 workstation turned gaming computer.
Simple fix, took an upgraded 550w ATX power supply, cut the wires at pins 12 and 23, bared the wire on the 12v source along side and spliced wire 12 and 23 into it. Fired up, (fingers crossed) whammo. Job done, playing all the HD games it wouldn’t play before. New graphics card installed successfully etc. Wish i’d found this fix online, it would have given me allot more confidence before cutting wires on my new PSU. I find this now that I want to share my experience …

Good luck!