Mod out the arvina blue gs 6400b

So issue that all fan turn super slow like stick my finger they stop. Or just don't turn unless you push the fan to jump start it.By pushing fan switch button think replace fans and use switch for led. Thought on this or any other input.

So do have learning disability so written is very hard for me if need edit please let me known.

Is it possible the fan controller is overloaded? Have you tried unplugging one of the fans?

Think that issue going need to redo wiring for plug in fan make hook to ether motherboard.Then go with air controller system or use one on bios. Question is should replace fans with after market fans like Noctua fans and need find quite running gaming power supply

Oh. If it's too loud then yea, replacing the fans should differently help.

So did total tear down case was build super bad but still look good so this psb for fans think this issue.
Like you said think over work so going lite the load by use led for it light system.Going with fan like Noctua
and do quite pc cooling system and use Noctua cpu fan for it.

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