MOBO with good raid controller?

Hey all. I would like to upgrade my rig but i want to have a RAID setup. First of all i want to be clear that i dont have much experience on RAID on PC's. My current thoughts are that i would have up to 6 3Tb drives in a raid setup. I would like to have my OS on a SSD separately. Money would not be that big of an issue since this will be my computer for quite a long time. 


My main question is are there any motherboards out there with good raid controllers built in so that i would not need to add any additional hardware for it?

Also any other advice would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

What platform are you building your system on? As in chipset, e.g z97/x79 ect.

If you want to do anything other than raid 1 or 0 get a controller

Thanks. I was looking in to a raid 5 setup. and i dont have a mobo chipset picked yet since i wanted to know if one would have this built in. but if there are none really out there i would buy a controller and probably go with this board...  asus atx  LGA 1150 maximus VI formula