Mobo issues?

So i have been experiencing an ongoing issue with my computers internet cutting out every so many days. If i restart my computer my internet comes back. I have checked and my computer is the only one that is losing internet. I am also hooked up via Ethernet cable. Today i lost internet twice. My guess is that the Ethernet port on my pc might be going bad. However i also recently had my graphics card fan ramp up (im assuming it went to 100%) randomly. I just wanted to see what peoples opinion were. Also if my motherboard dies out, will it take anything else with it?

Concerning your ethernet port it could be dying/damaged, however it could also be driver issues or power saving features getting in the way. Go to power options > Edit Plan Settings (of the one you're using) > Change advanced power settings > If you're using a PCIe add-in card for your ethernet then turn off PCIe Link state power management. Also you can turn off wireless adapter power saving mode (it MIGHT work but I do not expect it to).

Which GPU do you have with which driver version? Your fan curve might be somewhat wonky with a peak to 100% in the middle of the graph which should not be there. When does it ramp up to 100%?

As for your motherboard taking anything with it depends on how it dies out. If it's due to a power surge it can take out EVERYTHING connected to it but if it's simply due to component degradation it's unlikely to take anything with it

Before you do anything rash like buying a new motherboard, I would pick up a pcie network card. They're cheap as chips as long as you don't look at 10gb (Which you are unlikely to need) and will probably fix your problem anyway whether its a driver issue of a faulty ethernet port.

would be handy to know which motherboard we are talking about.