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Mobo install help!


Hello all I have a weird situation I have never seen before. I have a mobo that is not flush with the screws. I can move the Mobo up and down. I am using the proper screws that came with my fractnal design nano s case. What should I do? Am I ok?


Gotta love that scandinavian design…
You can use some metal washers just to fill up the gap and make a ground connect to the case…


Thanks I’ll have have to do that I guess. That is stupid!


Honestly, you should be fine like that… The ground is suppose to be universal for the entire system. But if you are worried - use a metal washer…
Something like this


Good enough right?


One thin below the board and one thin above the board maybe…


The nut is alright to use right? For taking up space. I can put the washer above and below like you said


Honestly, I don’t think there will be enough room for all 3 of those…


All 3 fit


Those screws look like they are meant to go through a rubber washer (for drive mounting).

I suggest you take a look at the accessory box.

I marked the correct screws to use.


Damn you are correct! I looked at that box and then went for the screws thinking I had the correct screw. Will look again. Thank you @MazeFrame. I think I grabbed the 3.5 drive screws


wrong screws problem solved thanks everyone…i feel like an idiot…close thread


Good catch @MazeFrame
You probably have saved him a motherboard. :slight_smile:


dont feel that way its a common mistake that usually happens when you try to do things too fast.

believe me I know! When i had my first car at 16 (olds delta 88) I had to replace a timing chain.
everything went together easy and i couldn’t believe how fast i was able to do it!
that is until i looked down on the work stand and lo and behold there sat the fuel pump cam :anguished:
had to take everything back off to put the pump cam on the crankshaft gear.
learned to take my time and do it right the first time ( a valuable learning experience)