Mobo for 1440p Screen

Hi guys!

I'm looking for a ATX mobo that can run a 1440p screen via DVI-D.. I'm having trouble looking for one. I'm planning on using the i5 4670k's HD 4600 Graphics to run the 1440 monitor.

Is it even possible to run 1440p from DVI-D off motherboard?

- the MSI Z87G45 DVI-D maxes at 1920*1200 I think.

Or do you have to run the monitor off a graphic card?


The cheap korean 1440p screens only come with DVI-D... but i could get the more expensive one with displayport instead..

Your thoughts?


What would you be doing with this setup?

I think it's more of a limitation of the HD 4600 than the motherboard. You'd probably be better off getting a cheap graphics card with ~2gb of ram.

You need a dual link DVI connector. Dual link DVI supports up to 2560X1600. Single Link only supports up to 1920X1200. The MSI board has a dual link connector so you should be fine. 

The integrated graphics shouldn't have any problem powering the display so long as you aren't trying to game or something on it.  

DVI-D is dual link you will have no problem running a 1440p display off of that.

I did some research on the board. it says the max is 1920*1200 for dual link dvi :s


Do you think the hdmi -> dvi cable would work?

That guy says it and he is wrong. It has nothing to do with the motherboard. It has a dual link DVI jack. It will work fine. 

well he may actually be right. It may be a DVI-D jack but it may not be wired for dual link. This is how my friend laptop is laid out.

Mm yes I didn't think of that. A dual link jack that is electrically single link. Seems a bit silly to me though that it would be like that on a desktop motherboard. I tried looking on MSI's site but they don't list it. 

if you already have the board you could run it off an hdmi adapter with a lower refresh rate, i don't know whether or not it would make a difference for your uses

otherwise anything with a dual link dvi or displayport will work

I wouldn't risk it. Pick up a $40 gpu

this one for sure works with a 1440p monitor. I know because I have both

I found it referenced here as well

Gaming + work, I heard the 4600 can run up to 4k... I'm also going to get the gtx770, but I think running the monitor while gaming will hinder the gtx770's performance.

Thats why I'm trying to run it off the 4600 instead.

Does gaming + running the 1440 monitor hinder the gaming performance for a single graphic card?

I'm planning to get the gtx770, but i want to be able to achieve maxmium perfromance :/ so i dont want the monitor to slow it down

if you want maximum performance at 1440p you might want to look into the 780... the 770 can max out 1080p, don't think it's so hot at 1440p

Also please note that if you have a graphics card you arent going to be using the on board graphics. It doesnt work like that. You plug the screen into the graphics card and thats it. plugging it into the onboard graphics will mean you arent using your GTX 770 or whatever card you get

If you just need to run a monitor that $40 card wil lwork. The motherboard I'm not sure about.

If you're looking to game- 1440p is extremely demanding and I would recommend sinking at LEAST $250 into a dedicated card.

also- what kind of games are we talking about? AAA fps's in-browser? a $40 card will perform very poorly in fps and probably not that good in browser.