Mobile Data Integerity Laptop WIN 7 or WIN 10?

I am going be going on the road with my brothers production company filming a documentary type of show. I am signed on as the guy who is going to be taking the SD cards out of the cameras and off loading the data onto western digital passports hard drives via a laptop. I already picked out the laptop we are going to buy on new egg but it comes with windows 10 pre-installed.

I am wondering if I should keep windows 10 on it or just install windows 7 professional onto it.

I don't want to encounter a situation where I am on the road and windows 10 has some random error or something or it updates it self when I connect to a hotel WiFi and resets certain settings. I have never used windows 10 yet but from what I heard it would be faster for data transfer.

So do you think win 10 is worth it for the speed or should I stick with win 7?


In my opinion, stick with windows 7, I have had several bad experiences with windows 10. one of the major ones is that it, for some stupid reason erased all of the information from my USB thumb drive. As i'm a collage student, this was a bad day for me... I'm not sure if your used to Linux at all, but for what you've said that your doing, a Linux distro would work great for what you are doing. but in my opinion if the choice is between windows 7 and 10. never use 10!

Thanks fizzy.

Losing data from a flash drive sounds like a nightmare. I'll just use win 7.

I've been using Windows 10 for a while now and I've never had really weird issues (the anniversary update changed marginal things on one of my PCs but really stupid things). On the other hand I've been using W7 Pro for a lot of years and has been rock solid. W10 is still a new thing to me, compare to W7, but the "vibes" I had from it are good. I think both OSs are good, just stick with the one you feel more comfortable with.

To be honest - if you want total control you should install Linux.

That being said, W10 does only change minor settings (it didn't reset mine though, don't know why). So, it shouldn't do anything that affects data integrity. But W10 has the tendency to install updates asap. This means that it will try to download and install them when connected to a hotel WiFi, or even when tethering.

Awesome, thanks for your feed back guys.