MobaXterm is the bees knees!

I shill for free don’t @ me

Just wanted to pop by and report that some really frustrating X11 over SSH issues I’ve been dealing with that I thought were network related ended up just being putty’s fault. Tried MobaXterm after reading about similar issues here and seeing it recommended and just like that it’s as fast as I expected it to be. So if you’re having issues with SSH give that a go.


Using windows I presume?

For that, I switched over to the WSL and use the native ssh client.

Afaik powershell can also ssh now too.

@AnotherDev can you confirm or deny?

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Yeah PowerShell 5 and 6 (aka Core) can natively ssh now.


MobaXTerm has X11 forwarding out of the box, and works natively with PowerShell, WSL systems, and its native shell (Cygwin based).

It is still very much worth having. :wink:

On Moba I usually have 5 or 6 tabs with various tmux/shell sessions mixed with an ssh session or two, PowerShell, and WSL. It’s a great management tool especially when you work all over the place.


Yeah I primarily deal with mixed environments. Typically Linux server windows workstation type setups. I’ve been digging in to the features and I think they’re gonna get a pro license or 2 out of me lol

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Nice. If you use it daily for serious work it’s definitely worth buying imo.

I’ll use it seriously probably until I swap this laptop out for one that actually runs Linux. But who knows when that’ll be.

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I love MobaXterm too. The portable installer means I can also run it on my locked down work laptop, plus it includes Tetris and Space Invaders. That alone means it’s probably worth paying for :slight_smile: