I am wanting to see how much of our online community plays Guild Wars 2, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, and even DC Universe! If you play, and feel safe here, post your account/character name and what servers you play for each game.

GW2: [email protected]; Northern Shiverpeaks

SW: Mybosli; The Bastion, more to come

DC: I have not played in awhile, but I do play on it soon. Expect an update with my character names. [email protected] I have not played wow in a bit, but might start again and I still play D3 occasionally. 

Steam: doubleagent214

Lets get our community more interactive with each other. :)

I play WoW almost daily; I'll add you when i get home.  The rest i have tried not interested in any :P all lack my endgame content itch!  (Catty did for WoW and i quit during that time :P)

We have a lot of people here playing Guild Wars 2 a lot and I'v enoticed people talking about the game more and more in the forums, I've been considering starting a Tek guild on it for everyone, because we have a lot of us that play together already.