Mmo K/M

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of rejoining World of Warcraft. As such, I'm in the market for a new MMO keyboard and mouse. I used to use a Razer Naga, but the keys on side stopped working after numerous years of use. I was considering buying the newest version of the Naga, but the Logitech G600 caught my eye and is currently the number one contender for my choice as a MMO mouse.

In terms of an MMO keyboard, I'm also taking a hard look at a Logitech product: the G510s. I've also been looking at the SteelSeries Apex and Razer Anansi. I currently have a Logitech G430 and Logitech G500s, which I use for general use and FPS gaming. So, I know that Logitech's products usually have great build quality. Which is why I'm leaning toward their products for a keyboard and mouse.

Also, I find that their gaming software is intuitive and easy to use. Lastly, I'd like to mention that my budget is around $100 for each individual product. Sorry for the longish post and thank you to anyone that posts a helpful reply.


Get G600 if you really want a mouse with a lot of buttons.

If you want a MMO keyboard though, I would recommend Corsair K90/K95. Apex and Anansi are gimmicky keyboards that don't provide value for their price.

@Dissentient I looked at the K90 and K95. I believe the K95 is out of production because Amazon wanted $350 for it. Which is way out of my price range. Then, I came across the K50 which looks to be the same as the G510s except it doesn't have the LCD panel. The K50 has a USB port, but the G510 has audio jack that my G430s can plug directly into. So overall. the two seem to be pretty even (the both retail at $99.99). Which leaves aesthetics. Personally, I like the styling of the G510s more than the K50 (which is pretty much plain black).

Well, I wouldn't pay $100 for a membrane keyboard and that's why I recommended K95, which should be around $150. It's costs around that on newegg and there's also K30 for $50 there.

And well, I personally find G510s (and other logitech gaming keyboards) aesthetically unpleasant because they try to catch attention with their look which I personally think a keyboard shouldn't do.

To me both keyboards have pros and cons. The K95 has a higher rollover count, is mechanical and has USB port (which is a pro to some). The G510s is cheaper (which my wallet loves), has a LCD screen (which could be great depending on how well games utilize it) and imo has the more interesting aesthetics. Of the keyboards I've looked at the K95 is the closest competitor. I'll have to read some reviews/watch YouTube videos on the product and see if it's worth shelling out the extra $50. Thanks for your suggestion though, the K95 does look like a great keyboard.