Mixing different ram sticks but with identical speed/timing

First off sorry for this being a bit of a misleading post being in the Build a PC category. I saw just about every single pc hardware except ram as a category.

Anyway, the RAM I have is a discontinued model of Gskill ripjaws (f3-1900-cl9-4gbxl)

I know as a general rule you're not supposed to mix match sticks, but my question is if I got a set of Gskill Sniper ram that has the exact same timings and the exact same speed, would there be a good chance of compatibility?

The timings are both 9-10-9-28 and both running at 1866mhz

I know nobody can 100% say "Yes it will absolutely work no problem" but I'm just looking for a general idea, because I would really rather not invest in buying a 16gig kit when I already have 8 gigs.

This is a pre-purchase question, so "go ahead and try it" isn't an option. I'm looking for some insight prior to purchase.

Typically it should work fine, where if there were any differences one set would clock down to match the slower but with both the same it "should" just work.

But you have covered the possibility that it might not your self.

You can mix and match RAM all you want and it'll work fine, you may not get full dual/quad channel speeds, but that doesn't matter for most applications anyways

Yeah, most boards have a feature that allows different RAM to be used like the "MemOK!" feature on ASUS boards. Even if you have different speeds, the board will adjust, you may be running at the slowest Ram module, but it will run. Though like @streetguru said, you may not get dual/quad channel benefits.

Ok, cool. I wasn't aware of the newer features like that. Last I heard mixing RAMS of different timings/speed was basically a crash waiting to happen. Even though these are the same timing/speed I know there can always be complications with exact compatibility. Thanks for the input everyone.