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Mixing different brand colored pencils? Acceptable? Or Colored Pencil sin?

I’m just looking to get a set of grey colored pencils. Unfortunately, Prismacolor seem to only sell them like fuckwits individually, or multiple pencils of the SAME KIND. I found a nice set of Lyra pencils (never used that brand) in an assortment of greys. Which is what I need. I don’t need 12 30% greys I need an assortment.

Is it generally acceptable to mix? I’m thinking no because the pigment is bound differently to the wax from manufacturer to manufacturer. Ugghhh…

The art stores around me all have crap for stock and don’t sell assortments, either. Not of greys, anyway. I could probably find some off brand, but I want the good stuff. Amazon, also… Prismacolor don’t seem to sell assortments of greys. Really odd.

Do what ever works for you be comfortable with your medium if the mix helps you do that then do so… to get the wanted outcome I mix what ever I feel like using to get effects I want. Flow there is no wrong pencil or sin on mixing em

My mum was a art teacher in Montgomery county but at the rec centers to do what she wanted. Highly recommend just playing with everything mix have a blast and see if that helps get what you are looking for test and experiment .

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