mITX FreeNAS ZFS / ESXi home lab

Looking for suggestions, I was thinking Fractal Node 304, Corsair 430M modular PSU, ASUS P8H77 mITX, 16GB ECC memory, i5-3470T, 1x32GB SSD, 4x2TB WD Red. Trying to justify going up to the i7-3770T.

Was thinking having a few vm's hosted on it including web dev server, pfsense, freeNAS


do you live in america or canada?

if so get this instead

they are basically i7s for the price of i5s, they are also higher grade chips made from the center of the platter of silicon thus more energy effecient so turn turbo off and intel speed step  and you should get around the same power consumption, also has extra emulation features

what's your budget?

Yes, and thanks for the recommendation. Budget before hard drives <=$600.

some notes, the PSU that comes with the case is more than likely junk, don't use it.  you'd have to spend at least 150 for a cheapo server board to support ECC, so this is just regular ram, but its fast.  you may need a 5.25 to 3.5 brakets but it mentioned something about mounting 2 more on the inside.

they were out of your case so I had to improvise, there is another case a bit larger that nativly supports 6 3.5 drives and ATX

the PSU I choose has 4 Sata power connectors, you'll need 5 so you'll need a molext to sata adaptor, you PSU you choose only had 2

the chip does have onboard video

i5-3470T nor i7-3770T support ECC ram. Xeons do as well as some mobile and low power versions. AMD cpus are better in that regard with FX supporting ECC.

I guess its a good thing I posted a Xeon :D

That too but I don't think registered ram will work with that board.

damn!!!  will unbuffered work?


Unbuffered ECC is the one most likely to work - if that board can work with ECC at all.

just looked it up, only WS asus boards and server boards support ECC thats a minimum 150$

I edited my build so that it is compatible now, it now uses regular memory ECC is really for SUPER important stuff

Thanks for the input! I can see the benefit of going with the Xeon, and realize the ECC memory is out of spec for that board. Was thinking of doing a ZFS build but now I'm not so sure with the amount of overhead required.

The initial objective of this build is to provide an alternative to buying a $4-500 QNAP. On thursday I picked up the Fractal Node 304, ASUS P8H77-I and the Seasonic 300W you linked up. Just need to figure out the CPU and RAM.

For processor I'm looking at the low voltage models (want to keep it under 45W), ideally the E3-1265L but the i5-3570T looks comparable for ~100 bucks less. For memory thinking  2x8GB Mushkin Blackline or G.Skill Ripjaws X - although neither on the QVL .

Having a hard time finding the i5-3470T in stock anywhere, looks like Lenovo and HP are using most of them.

QVL is just buracratical nonsense get a reliable brand and reviews and as long as its within mobo spec it'll work no prob

kingston,crucial, cosair, G.skill, mushkin, adata,amd and maybe a few others