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Mistakenly bought MAD MAX for pc again (Resolved)


and I was wondering if someone wanted to trade a decent game for this Steam key of MAD MAX. I really can’t be throwing money away and I did not need a second copy. Anyone able to help here?


You can trade games on Steam?


He just have the key… He will give you the key, you will activate it…


he probably has a key and hasn’t used it yet and wants to exchange keys


You can trade games on Steam but like the others said I just have a key to trade. It is a Global key so no worry about it not working.


In that case I cannot help. I don’t have any unused keys. I was starting to think you can trade games that you have already activated. That would be really cool.


Thanks for even considering helping.


You could try to sell it on a grey market site (linking to them is against the TOS here so I won’t) but Mad Max US Steam keys are selling starting at $2.83, and that’s from a seller with 100k sales and tons of inventory, so I don’t know that I would bother.


Well that would be $3.74 Canadian so it would be much of what I spent back but really hoping on regular sites I have listed it on that maybe I can get a trade. If not the game will go to my brother most likely. Also trying to get this done isn’t a bother as while I wait and see if I get any responses I am …

playing MAD MAX. LOL!


Resolved. I just put it on another Steam account. I could have gotten some decent games in a trade from a guy on Steam but they were not AAA type games and not even a shooter like this so I said the heck with that.