Mirror Windows 7 onto a smart TV?

Hi guys,

I've been trying to mirror my Win 7 laptop onto my Samsung SUHD tv but I'm not having much luck. There's a program called Samsung Smart View but only allows you to drag and drop content which you can then play on TV.

Under Screen Mirror option on TV it suggests that it can link up to a phone but I would love to play my laptop content mirrored on TV.

Does anyone know a way of achieving this? Your help is most appreciated.

You have a few options

Connect via hdmi and mirror
Upgrade to Win10 and use Miracast
Buy an Ezcast or Chromecast dongle and connect to the TV via that

Miracast (an open standard for wifi-display) was not native to Win 7. It was added in Win 8/8.1. In order to mirror a Win 7 system to a TV, you'll need additional hardware like an adapter that supports Intel's branded "WiDi". Then you can use the Intel WiDi application coupled with a supported WiDi adapter (like the Netgear PTV3000, Actiontec SBWD100A, Actiontec SBWD60A, etc) and mirror Win 7 to your TV.

If you upgrade to Win 8/8.1/10, Miracast is supported natively so no additional hardware/software is required.

Also, many devices like TVs will state that mirroring only works with "phones" or only works with "Intel WiDi" or "miracast", but in reality if the TV supports any type of mirroring, chances are it is based on the base wifi-display standard and any compatible source device should be able to mirror to it.

Thanks guys, thanks Alamar, that was helpful.