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MS-01 as home lab or learning cluster

The MS-01 is a great platform for “small server” and “homelab” type use-cases. It is powerful (6 P-cores, 8 e-cores), up to 115w (~70w nominal it seems) but it is compact and can be adapted for a bunch of different use cases. It makes for an excellent learning/training platform for things like software defined storage, hyper convergence and other bleeding-edge technologies.

2024-03-15 bios

Peripheral Heat Load Overheated? Status
LSI 9008 Low No Works Great
Intel Omnipath 100g Card Very High Yes Boots
Mellanox CX4 25gbe ? ? ?
Mellanox CX5 25gbe ? ? ?
Mellanox CX5 100gbe ? ? ?
Intel I810 ? ? ?
u.2 Storage Heat Load Overheated? Status
Kioxia CD5 Low No Works Great
Kioxia CD6 Low No Works Great
Kioxia CM6 Low No Works Great
Kioxia CD7 Medium No Works Great
Liqid 4x m.2 Mux Driver High Iffy Works Great

Just watched the video. The A2000 and 4000 SFF ada actually can work with an aftermarket cooler made by n3rdware.

Here’s a video for the A2000
A2000 aftermarket cooler

N3rdware also has a 4000 SFF Ada cooler on the way
4000 SFF Ada aftermarket cooler

I’ve got an MS-01 with an A2000 and the cooler on the way. If you want I can answer questions or provide photos once everything is installed.

I can confirm that 48GiB DIMMs 5600 MT/s from Crucial do work for a total of 96GiB. However, they work at 5200 MT/s. SKU CT2K48G56C46S5

As for the M.2’s.
I have 3x Samsung PM9A3 1.92Tb 110mm. Because it has power loss protection, it’s a lot higher on the bottom than a normal M.2. Also, the 80mm standoffs cannot be removed. Or at least, I don’t know how. That prevents the screws from going in all the way in and that prevents the lid from closing with the fan bracket. I’ve found that removing the bracket, along with using one screw for the fan and using the provided heatsink over all three controllers, is enough to keep them cool.


I’d be super interested in hearing if the ConnectX cards work.

Mellanox MCX314A-BCCT 40Gb Ethernet 40GbE CX314A (I’m seeing these for <50 USD on ebay)

Apparently can run at 40/56GbE, but I’m curious if others have actually tested this. I’m very interested in building a 40/56 GbE mesh between 3 proxmox nodes using these.

I’d love to hear about ways to turn the PCIe expansion slot into a way to host 2-4 NVME. If I could get 5xU.2 somehow “in” this system (e.g. with a sidecar chassis) then this would meet a use case of doing erasure or parity based storage on the “edge” for me.

Liqid 4x m.2 Mux Driver

Did this work with 4xNVME connected?

I’m hoping minisforums comes out with a board similar to this, without the chassis.

Mellanox CX5 Dual 100gbe (MCX516A-CDAT)
Heat Load: High
Overheated?: Not w/ fan(s) (wants 400LFM (Passive))
Status: Works Great!

Dual 80mm USB fans blowing into the top holes, of the MS-01 case, was plenty for cooling down to 47C idle, no DAC cables plugged in. One fan is probably fine.

I changed it up a bit with a hole in the top and 140mm USB fan (you might have seen my post (140MM Blow Job) on another tech forum…). Runs at 55C - 57C fully populated with DAC and Ceph slapping it around.

Idles at 70C without DAC cables and no fans (not recommended).


I can confirm this. Without any extra active cooling, the ConnectX5 card shuts down due to thermal limits (115C). I temporarily got it stable by running without the case (103C).

FYI: 105C generates a warning, 115C the firmware shuts down the card and at 130C the hardware shuts down, according to the specs.

If you flip the MS-01 over, there’s a hidden 4-pin fan header next to the one used for the NVME blower fan. I’m going to try to jerryrig something to keep the card cool…

Just an assumption that if

I can confirm that 48GiB DIMMs 5600 MT/s from Crucial do work for a total of 96GiB. SKU CT2K48G56C46S5

That the other kits in that series “should” be compatible?

Yeah I guess so. STH also specifically tested the 5600 version and confirmed it working. The 5200 and 4800 I haven’t seen tested anywhere yet.

If I remember correctly - there is enough space in front of the heat sink - for a 10x40mm side blowing fan…

The real trick will be getting the connector on the fan header (I think you have to break some plastic (“rivets” on the back) to get the mobo out). Even then - what controls that fan header?

That’s why I went USB - always on when the power is.

My 5600 kit of 96GB - runs at 5200…

I think the 12900H runs it at 4800.

You’re right!
Mine does too. Didn’t notice that. I’ll edit my previous post

Seems like the 40/56Gbps X3s should work fine without a fan since the specs only ask for half the airflow (200CFM).

Does the NIC chipset face internal to the case or external when mounted?

Here’s how I got my ConnectX5 temperatures under control:

I’m using USB for now, out the back through the ConnectX5 card and into a USB header. I’ll eventually convert this to run off the second M.2 fan header just as soon as I figure out what cable it uses. (FYI: That header is BIOS controlled).

Mellanox’s “mget_temp” reports 64C with 2 copper DAC cables plugged in. Totally fine!


any chance to squeeze in 2 pcs of 2.5" drives here ? normal height, 7mm.
i assume yes, but how to power them?

The MS-01 ships with an NVMe → U2 adapter. You might be able to find an adapter that lets you steal the power from U2 and provide sata power.

NVMe is normally 3.3v, but the little toggle switch above the first NVMe slot likely enables 5v and/or 12v. (Validate all of what I’m saying, I don’t know for certain, but it’s how I would approach this)