miniPCIe WiFi/BT card to BT USB - possible?

Hi! WiFi/BT miniPCIe cards use the USB protocol for BT. Looking for a BT 4+ adapter with a good range, so as to avoid spending more than I can afford on a pro grade class 1 device or having to go the ESP route, I’ve noticed after some tests that I can get best results with a miniPCIe card with an antenna. Unfortunately, the device I’d like to use as my server doesn’t have PCIe connectivity and it’d be great if I were able to find a working USB-based solution.

So - would it be possible to connect a USB cable to the corresponding data and power pins of the card (with a little buck converter to get 3.3v)?

I know that there are USB adapters for miniPCIe 3g modems. Do they work like this? Would they work for BT?

It might be an atrociously stupid idea… I don’t know a lot about these things at all, so apologies if I’m wasting anyone’s time ; )

I can’t help you with this, but I like where you are going with it!

I don’t see why not (Googled it for you - Instructable), but if you are into DIY, you can get an ultra cheap dongle and sever the connection to the PCB antenna then add your own. I did this and have a bit better range. I also tried adding one to my headset but it didn’t change anything, so not sure if I was pushing the limit or some other variable as I haven’t tested any further.

The best part of doing it this way is that you can put the USB dongle wherever you want (similar to what you are trying to do) but have an extremely small antenna wire. If you stay under 25’ there isn’t any USB digital signal degradation, whereas every inch between the PCB and antenna increases analog signal degradation. I’m sure either one could be made to work well.

It’s not a stupid idea. Even if you fail you will learn something. I’ve messed around with fixing some bluetooth devices and haven’t had 100% success, but my success rate has increased greatly. Good luck!

Depending on current requirements, a normal LDO may work well enough.
LM1086 should be able to do it.

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