Mining with less than 4GB VRAM

I just found two brand new in box 1GB HD6450s in my office. But I can’t seem to get a miner working or find any info online about this. I know 4GB is required for Ethereum but I’ve tried Verge and ETN also and the miners keep giving me a no GPU detected error. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, etc.

Anyone have some experience with this? If they don’t work I’ll use them for something else and buy some used 4GB cards.

I was able to mine Ethereum on cards with 2GB of memory, but there needed to be at least one card with 4GB of memory in the system. Also the system needs at least 4GB of memory. When I only had 2GB of system memory, I recall Claymore giving me an error about the video cards, which was odd because at that point I had all 4GB cards installed. Bumped up the system memory to 4GB and away it went.


Surely you’re joking. I can not take this seriously.

7years ago those where bad gaming cards. 3 years ago these bad cards where bad mining cards.

Now they’re just abysmal. Most mining software likely won’t even acknowledge their existence.
You can make more money from those by just selling them on your ecommerce website of choice.

I have to agree with @catsay here…

I ran nicehash on the living room media pc for a while for shits & giggles… and a HD7770 and A8-5600K were TOGETHER pulling around 70 cents a day…

In the end i gave up… Id had my fun, but there was no way in hell i was ever going pay the power bill it would have generated…

But if your really really really keen to get them mining… try throwing nicehash at them, even if you dont want to use it full-time, it’ll show you pretty quick which miners will actually make some kind of use of the cards…

@catsay @Dr-Shade I was more just experimenting. If they could have mined me a few hundred Verge I’d have been happy. I’m more of looking in the long run when it comes to mining, not cashing out. Also, I get free electricity from my office. I’m trying to slowly build up a mining farm, and do I have some more expensive stuff in the works. I have everything needed to have two 3 GPU rigs running for the cost of nothing but GPUs, so if you guys have any for sale, let me know! haha. I also know this is not the greatest time to invest in a mining rig but regardless I’m still interested in it and it’s not going to break me. Thanks for the replies tho guys. Guess these cards will be used to upgrade workstations for multi monitor support, they still do great for 1080p office work.

I recall that 6800 series being worse than the 5800’s