Mining with GTX 680

So, I just been wondering how long it would take to mine one coin, running for about 12 hours a day. I know hardly anything about mining so, yeah. Something short and sweet would be great thanks guys.

Alone? Like a year xD

A while. My 680, at 1411mHz GPU core (which is ridiculous), was at 140Mhash/s. Non-OCed, I got around 120Mhash/s. I don't know the current difficulty, but it wouldn't be worth your time unless you have really cheap power, like I do. $11 last month for an entire house, 3 story, radiant heat. No gas bill, either :)

I know this might sound like a noobish question but what is the diffrence from having a pool and just doing it alone. I know in a pool, you have to have other computer and what not but I don't think others would want to join me just for myself.

You're probably better off mining for TS ;)

Being in a pool gives you a much higher chance at getting parts of coins. Basically, the BTCs are released in blocks. The larger the pool, the more likely that pool will get part of that block. However, the larger the pool, the more distributed the BTCs will be. When you are solo-mining, it would take forever to get theminiscule bits of coins you need for a full BTC. Also, if you are mining for TekSyndicate, you will never ever get BTCs. All of the profit goes to the site, so that they can eat peanut butter sandwiches and pay Wendell to do things behind the camera. Bad things.

Oh, thanks man. Is there any pools out there for people like me?

I did for a tiny bit.

slush's pool, bitminter or btcguild are the big oness. I'd do bitminter, they have the lowest commisions. Otherwise, slush's pool is really easy.

I'll look into it more. I myself does not have a 680, I'm just trying to help out a friend. Do you think it would be worth spending the time mineing for such little?

I wouldn't think it's that worth it at 120 or 140 MH/s unless you have ludicrously low power costs like Brennan said.

If your card ran at 120 MHash/s for 12 hours a day, you would most likely mine a single bitcoin after 400 days if you  were part of a pool that pays out per share of work.  However, if you were mining solo, the estimated time for generating a block (25 btc) would be 13 years, 289 days.