Mini ITX Build

Ok guys. I'm looking to build a Mini ITX build as the title implys. I have a build sorta worked up. There isn't really a spending cap but I would like to try to keep it at a decent price. I'm not looking to go overkill with anything, I just want something that I can play MMO's on and won't get too hot. The reason I picked the SSD is I would like to try to keep it from being mechanical because of bad roads and such.(Louisiana roads, what can you expect XD) The only thing I don't have on the list is the case which I would get the LIan-Li TU-200B because of the compact size and it has the carrying handle. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


Thanks in advance.


I am fairly sure that a Hyper 212 will not fit in that LIan-Li TU-200B.

Also, with such a small case, don't bother with overclocking.  The board you picked is H97 as well, so you're multiplier's going to be locked anyway.

Cheaper, faster memory.

Maxwell's efficiency and heat output will help in a small case like this.

If you can find a GTX 970, that is.  Power supply is probably a bit overkill.

Do you plan to overclock? That H97 mobo is no good for OC

for 8 more dollars this Z97 is a much more robust featured board ... better power delivery better sound and can OC

Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard



good build STN. with that xeon and 970 you wont need to oc.

psu - XFX 550w gold. Non-modular so it'll just be cable tie time.

Some Tech Noob's build is excellent in a utilitarian sort of way ... but If you do want the capability to do minimal OC and have a decent CPU cooler and low profile ram and premium onboard audio that will drive premium headphones ... this is for you it is $30 more ( plus the ram meets the 1.5v Haswell refresh specs and will not underclock like the 1.65v ram will)


How are you going to fit all that in that case?

miss read the dimensions for the cooler ... fixed with an efficient low profile cooler ... good lookin out Cellprocessing

I changed a few things. Went to Intel Devils Canyon refresh of the i5 just because it runs a bit cooler and you can squeeze a extra 100 or 200mhz overclock out of them.

The Gigabyte gaming ITX board has good caps, good features like audio and Wi-Fi. 

Memory is compatible with the board. I checked. And lifetime warranty. 

The alternative case I picked has some really nice features like dust filters, fan controller, has a handle that is steel reinforced for caring around, work and display LED

Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler. Stays quiet for a loop and will help keep the CPU cool under higher clocks. 

Went with the Asus 285 strix for GPU. Under light tasks like surfing the web, watching video, and light gaming the fans won't spin and stay quiet. When you push the card the fans will kick on and spin up. And there still not that loud. Also the went with a 285 because power wise its about the same as a 280X but has the new AMD tech like True Audio, and will be compatible with free sync when it is out.

Seasonic PSU has Japanese Caps, Ball Bearing fan, Fully Modular, Stays quiet, 5 year warrenty. 

SSD is a just as good really. Samsung is under some fire with there 840 drives right now. Does not seem to effect the EVO's. But I would just stay away for now and save some money. Maybe if you can swing it get a second SSD and set them in raid 0. Or get a 480 to 512. 240 is a little cramped now a days. But that's your choice. 

I liked the Lain Li case. But I feel you give up to much with its small size. And have to make too many compromises. 



Thanks for the info guys. Definitely didn't look at the cooler too well. The reason I picked the case was I wanted the smallest footprint i could get plus I have a 2-door car. Need as much space as I can get, packing for 2 people for 3-5 days and getting everything to fit. lol Sorry I didn't mention it earlier, I don't plan to OC. The reason I picked the Asus mobo is I'm a big Asus fan. I'm still running the 1st gen Sabertooth in my full tower rig I have now. The reason I did pick the K-part was it was like $10 more than the non-K part.

To be a little more specific, all i'll probably be playing on this machine will be World of Warcraft, Smite, Archeage and Marvel Heroes. Won't be doing much single player gaming on there.

Great build. I forgot about the Xeon parts. I was trying to keep efficiency especially with that small case. That GTX 970 is definitely a good option to look at. Thanks!!

No I didn't plan to OC but now you have the gears turning. lol This mobo would definitely be a good option to keep in mind for future purposes. If anything, I can see about his mobo and take a look at that corsair case if I do decide to OC. Thanks for the info!!!

Great build. Seems you guys are recommending the GTX 970 a good bit. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that. The headphones I'll be using will be the Astro A50 headset. Didn't know that about the RAM. Good eye. :) Nice info to know for future builds.

Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely keep an eye out for the 480 or the 512 SSD's. The reason I didn't choose them at first was I was kind of skeptical. I read in a few places that the bigger the SSD you go with the higher the failure rate. The corsair case you picked would have been my second option. That will probably be the case if I do end up deciding to OC a little bit. I have some 840's in my g/f's rig and my rig. The only problem I had with them was the BIOS didn't want to pick them up at first. But after it did, I haven't had any issues with them yet. Great build BTW!! Thanks!!!

Nope that's just a rumor. Most tests show that a good SSD will outlast a HDD by a few years of use.


yeah I like that case too

If you get micro-atx you can sli/xfire.

Logan's TU-100 build is what you should be looking for. How about something like this?

It is $1100 before tax, but is very low power, very quiet, and will play most things out there at 1080p at high settings.

This is much smaller than the TU-200, but will do all the same things with these parts. This even has AC wireless built in for travel... You could also add in a slim DVD drive if you need it as well for another $20-30 (including desktop adapter).

Includes a great cheap case, just add a handle (drill 4 holes, rivet handle in place) if need be. Has a big ssd, xeon & 970.

that rocks