Mini ITX Build Suggestions

Hi, guys

I've been thinking about building a mini itx system, since I really want a high performance pc that i can sit right by my flatscreen tv without it becoming an eye sore. 

This is the build i've come up with, but it's rather bad for my wallet.

It's based on the build in here

If i'd like to just play a game, such as metro last light, on everything medium, is there any way to bring this itx cost down?


I don't mind something a little bigger like an mATX. I currently have an old-as-hell optiplex 745 that sits by the tv.

I really don't mind it. But, i wouldn't want to get much bigger and I prefer the tower design, which is why i love the cubitek.

Any suggestions?

Here's a start:

I'd toy with cpu cooler options. That dark knight exceeds the CPU cooler clearance (max 150mm for that chassis).

If you want to drop the price- i'd get a lower end psu and get a blower-style GTX 760 (open air designs are crap in itx)

Welcome to Intel.  If you want sub-1k prices, I'd go with AMD.  For a M-ITX form factor, the 750k/760k isn't a bad option.  Austin Evans did a comparison:

R9 270Xs perform pretty closely to the GTX 760.

This is viewed purely from a price-performance perspective.  My own machine is an Intel + AMD/ATI rig.

Mushkin RAM is just fine.

And already, you have a build that's a lot cheaper:

You could go with a cheaper power supply if you wanted as well.  But Seasonic PSUs are really nice.

I'd like to go to the amd build, but I do monthly video editing, and the 760k is pretty slow for processing when it comes to that, so I've heard.

Does anyone have a matx build that'll look good similar to the matx form factor of the dell or just maybe a bit larger?

My suggestion would be to go with the i5-4570 and an H87 motherboard. Performance and features are nearly the same as the 4670k + z87 mb but costs $60 less (combined). Also, you don't necessarily need an aftermarket CPU cooler unless you're planning to OC. (Are you?) That would save you another  ~$50+/-

There's an extra ~$100+/- that you could put towards a stronger GPU.