Mini ITX AM3 Board

I plan to build a LAN gaming PC inside of a PS3 chassis, and I already have a Phenom II x4 965 BE laying around and some compatible 1.65v DDR3 RAM, but I need to buy a new Mobo. Does anyone know of a good AM3 ITX board with at least 2 full length RAM slots (DIMM not SO-DIMM) and a PCIe 16x slot. It doesn't need USB 3.0, crazy power design or anything fancy.

don't exist

*doesn't, and it does, its just not being sold, there were several actually just nobody sells them, you can fit a micro-ATX board in those though, just get the smallest one you can find that's any good is this one

you'll want a low profile 7750 and good thermal paste for both the CPU and GPU.

you'll want to either A undervolt the CPU or disable a core or two, I recommend disabling 1 core and undervolting it a bit for both heats sake and you have about 160w (195w peak) to work with, disabling 1 core and under volting should put you under 85w for the CPU, the GPU uses 65w I believe

I think he's thinking of AM3+. Yeah, Mini ITX motherboards that support the AMD FX CPUs don't exist, but you can get Mini ITX Motherboards that support the Phenom II x6 CPUs.

Only one I could find with PCI-e 2.0 x16. Not at bad board.

EDIT: It has SO-DIMM. Take it or leave it.

what's 44 more?

they use less juice anyways

theres a few, but you can only find them on amazon

it would be a lot better to wait until the Athlon II X4 750K comes out and use a FM2 board

Thanks dude. For some reason my measurements were off and I didn't realize a mATX board would fit. But why do you say that I only have 195w to work with? I'm not using the PS3 PSU, I planned on using a Silverstone SFX 450w PSU, along with a 660 mounted sideways using a PCIe riser cable.