Minecraft server installation automation tool


So I wanted to make it easy for a few friends to quickly spin up a minecraft server and then be able to backup and restore between sessions instead of leaving the lights on. Often times when people want to play I’m hesitant to expend the time necessary to get everything working and it’s always a headache keeping things backed up (or restoring it).

Enter Minecrafter a fairly easy to setup collection of automation scripts using ansible, just clone it, configure it and install to your server of choice.

After configuring your inventory.yml just ./setup.sh && ./install.sh and then feel free to ./backup.sh and ./restore.sh.

Update to a new version with ./update.sh and install new plugins with ./plugins.sh all without having to directly ssh into your server and muddle about in there.

So take a break from real-life for a few hours and let your OCD run wild.


  • The scripts are designed to target a centos 8 box
  • bugs/Improvements/feature requests can be left on the github or on this page
  • Feel free to fork and do your own thing
  • The scripts assume you can currently ssh into your server using a public key (which you should be doing anyway).