Minecraft PC

I want a secondary PC for when friends come to my house and want to play minecraft alongside me.

It should be able to handle minecraft at 40-70 FPS at 1080P on medium to high settings. 

I don't need a monitor, speakers, peripherals etc because I will be lending out my 1080P monitor, a Asus Lamborghini mouse and a Perixx PX-2000 and put a OS like Linux, Steam OS, windows.

Thanks in advance.

Oh and the PC has to be cheap enough to play at 1080P on medium to high settings and have smooth gameplay.

Minecraft's really not a taxing game at all, just make an APU system on pcpartpicker.com

I'd go A8-6600K, Hyper 212 Evo, any A88X motherboard, 4GB 1866 RAM, CX430 PSU, a hard drive and a cheap case.

That'll run it at max settings at 60+ fps pretty much all of the time. It'll be overkill.


i would recommend something with an intel cpu, for good single threaded performance as mineraft only uses one core. a dual core i3 should be enough. i3s cant be overclocked so stock cooler is enough.


are you playing with mods? if you play FTB, or Tekkit you want at least 4gb ram. if not 2gb should be enough


minecraft is not very graphics hungry. so even stuff <7750 should work. memory doesnt matter at all.


anything by: asus, asrock, gigabyte or Msi that costs atleast 60$


anything >400Watts with atleast 80+ bronze.


there is no A8-6800K :D

if you go apu, use a dual core one. you wont gain anything from going quad.

with a dual core you have 1 core running minecraft, and the other is available for background tasks.