Minecraft doesnt use my GPU

Although using intel hd 4000 graphics it runs fine however i know it could run WAY better i looked the the catylst control center and couldn't find anything,



i7 3770k

Asus p8z77 LE Plus

16gb ripjaws x series

 saphire 7970

vertex 4 128gb

WD 1tb Black

And no its not made to just run minecraft :P

Minecraft primarily relies on CPU and memory. In fact, Minecraft doesn't appear to be taxing at the GPU at all because the activity monitor on my end shows 5-9% with every little graphical tweak (using Optifine) maxed out.

Reinstall minecraft.

My system is way worser the yours and it runs minecraft easy :P


He's not actually struggling for performance, bro.

I know it uses The GPU, my old computer could get 120 fps with the GPU enabled with otu it would get ~30

but the way i got it to use thr GPU was in the nvidia control [anel and i dont have the same options running an AMD card

Yea, I get 70 fps with intel HD 4000 But i know it could do better


I get about 70-80FPS with my 2500k. Minecraft is a very demanding game despite the 16x16 textures.

I can get ~120 fps with a laptop but while its using it 630m.... Soooooooooooooooooo

Ah yes, I found that kinda strange. It turns out that I was running on 70-100 with the "Balanced" setting. "Max FPS" gave me 240-250 FPS instead.

Also: OP may want to take note.